Tagbilaran City gears up for a septage management facility

Finally, there is a plan to do something with waste water and improve the septage management here.

Key city officials met with the local water utility for potential partnership in the delivery of septage management services in Tagbilaran City.

Tagbilaran City’s Septage Management Team, headed by Ceasar Pelaez, City Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO), together with overall chair of the city’s water and sanitation committee, Bebiano Inting, head of the city’s Economic Enterprise Unit and USAID-SURGE Coordinator Linda Paredes, met on January 25 with the management of the Bohol Water Utilities Inc. (BWUI), headed by General Manager Engr. Renato Robles, to form solid septage management.

BWUI is a private company providing water services to 80 percent of households in Tagbilaran City.

During the meeting, Pelaez presented the overall design of the septage management facility – its location, capacity, and proposed tariff, source of funding, scope and coverage.

Pelaez further presented the proposal of the city government, contained in the septage management ordinance currently discussed in the legislative council, for collection of environmental fees for septage management services to be included in the water billing of BWUI.

For his part, Engr. Renato Robles said that as a water utility firm they are also mandated by the Clean Water Act to provide septage management services. However, it is his opinion that the construction of the facility is a public sector investment.

During the meeting, he expressed his appreciation of the city’s efforts to put up septage treatment facility. He further noted increasing concerns on water quality. Engr. Renato Robles strongly affirmed BWUI’s commitment to improving water quality and said that, “we need to protect our wells and groundwater sources of water supply.”

He looks forward to the septage management project of the city government as a welcome measure to arrest further contamination of groundwater.

It was agreed that Tagbilaran City sends a letter of intent to BWUI Board of Directors, who shall deliberate and take action on the request. USAID/SURGE provided technical assistance to Tagbilaran City’s Septage Management Team for the preparation of the pre-feasibility study, the septage ordinance and the formulation of the terms of reference for the construction of the septage treatment plant, expected to be operational by 2019. Tagbilaran City Waterworks key officers, Engr. Peter Busano and Glenda Maniwang also attended the meeting. (USAID-SURGE)




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