Sandugo mardi gras brings color to streets

Instead of breaking up when the dancing and competitions at the CPG sports Complex have been through, this year’s Sandugo organizers bring the dancing and revelry to the city streets.

“This year, we will bring the mardigras to the streets, from the CPG sports Complex to the Plaza,” Bohol Administrator Alfonso Damalerio II announced during a press conference with Air Asia sponsored media last week at the Donatela Hotel in Panglao.

Damalerio sat for Sandugo Foundation Sandugo 2018 chair and Bohol governor Edgar Chatto who was then recuperating from overwork.

The decision to bring the dancing outside is the latest development in the street dancing festival that has finally veered off the usual street dancing routine that the country’s street dancing parades exhibit.

A major cultural tourism magnet now, Bohol’s “Sandugo Festival is the precursor of the Boholano seed of hospitality which is now another tourism come-on,” Provincial Tourism Council Chair Atty. Lucas Nunag told the Manila media in a bid to get them joining this year’s Sandugo season in July.

While many critics assail that the steps and dancing routine of the Sandugo is not exactly Boholano in origin, cultural researchers noted that the basic kuradang is more authentically Visayan than the carribean steps employed by majority of the street dancing steps across the country.

Kuradang, is what observers believe as a mimic of the chicken courtship is a gay taunting and teasing of the male partner by a female and comes complete with swoops and sweeps in circles, thumbs raised and feet skipping to the 6/8 beat.

Transitioning from the usual fare of the streetdancing proved tricky with dance choreographers easily getting swayed back to the usual steps, a local dance choreographer and kuradang researcher admitted.

To remedy the situation and make the Sandugo a unique offering, the Isang Dugo Foundation organized a workshop for choreographers and team delegation heads to orient them of the basic Kuradang steps, Atty. Nunag shared.

The streetdancing is also embellished with the ritual reenactment (subli) of the acclaimed blood compact berween Spanish conquistador Capital Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Boholano chieftain Sikatuna.

Bohol’s Sandugo festival has been a showcase of hospitality, artistry, culture and religiousity, Nunag added in effort to get more media coverage for the Festival that also incorporates homecomings, investment fora, arts exhibits, trade fairs, food fusion, song feativals, awards nights, community immersions and cultural camps.

Also a model of innovation, the Sandugo has become a showcase of how we efficiently work in a public and private partnership set-up, Nunag who owns a Bohol boutique resort said. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)



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