Cops in hot water after seen not wearing helmets

Bohol police provincial director Sr. Supt. Angeles Geñorga bared on Friday the organization is looking at the reports a police officer was spotted riding a motorcycle without helmet.

The video uploaded to social media shows a police officer with his back towards the camera, purportedly taken in Cortes town some half an hour away from capital Tagbilaran City.

The police have gone investigated the matter after the issue has gone viral.

The video was taken around last Wednesday.

In an interview with the media, he said that the gauntlet of the law will be imposed on erring police man. The police officers should serve as role model especially that the authorities in Bohol are strictly implementing the Helmet Law.

Geñorga said he will be releasing the identities of the police officer involved once the investigation is complete.

BPPO personnel have also been mandated to wear helmets when riding motorcycles, said Bohol’s top cop.

“We must set as the example. I would not allow any personnel going the street without helmet,” he said in a past interview.

The new incident comes at the heels of two police officers who were captured in a photograph riding a motorcycle passing by the Bohol branch of the National Museum in downtown Tagbilaran with no helmets on.

The identities of the two policemen were not revealed to the public.

There were also two personnel from the Traffic Management Office of Tagbilaran caught on camera riding a motorcycle without helmets.

Reports said the two were ordered suspended.

The wearing of helmets in the entire province became mandatory last April 2, after a period of information dissemination.

Geñorga said he is thankful of the cooperation of the public who heeded the call to wear helmet while on board a motorcycle.

He, however, admit there are some who still violate the law.


The Helmet Law will be fully implemented province wide last March 21, several days after Tagbilaran police started to flag down motorcycle drivers and riders without helmets. However, it was re-scheduled on April 2.

Due to the city ordinance, those who will be wearing face mask or full face helmets will not be apprehended.

The clarification was made by the mayor in his Facebook post.

Yap said motorcycle drivers with full face helmets or face masks will only be flagged down and will be asked for identification.

City police chief Supt. Patricio Degay Jr. confirmed to the Tribune via a telephone call recently they are on the “look out” for violators following a number of fatal accidents due to drivers and back riders failure to wear helmets.

The city police started this week several check points in the city to check for helmet law violators and other violations.

Check points were set up in several places in the city, such as the one in Pook Pantalan, as police were on the look out for helmet law violators.

Degay said the police are implementing a national law on helmets following a clamor from certain sectors about road safety.

The city police chief said there is sizeable number of people who died as a result in traffic incidents and the common denominator is the absence of helmet worn while driving.





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