Christian group celebrates 10th year of thanksgiving

The Confederation of Evangelical Ministries Association of Bohol Inc. (CEMABI) on Saturday celebrated the 10th year of the Bohol Thanksgiving Day by renewing the covenant of the province with God at a local restaurant in the city.

The Fiesta Sa Paghalad (FSP) is an annual Thanksgiving and commemoration when Bohol was dedicated to God back in 2007.

FSP Vision Keeper Susie Baseleres said the occasion marks the first decade of the commemoration of the day Bohol was dedicated to the Almighty.

The occasion was attended by around 500 delegates from around Bohol as some delegates from Evangelical Churches in Cebu also joined yesterday’s festivities.

Baseleres said the occasion would be a bit different compared to other occasions since it will be celebrated with honored government officials that brought honor and kept Bohol peaceful and orderly.

Gov. Edgar Chatto was one of the honorees but wasn’t able to attend. He sent Isabelo “Tatay Billy” Tongco in his stead.

The occasion honored the government officials who have been selflessly rendering their talent to the plan of God, said Baseleres.

Baseleres said this year’s celebration is more intimate compared previous celebrations.

The thanksgiving was done at a local university in previous years, capable of accommodating 2,000 delegates. The celebrations before, she said, were bigger than this year.

Baseleres said due to the small venue this year, the delegates invited were fewer. She estimated the attendance to be around 500.


On December 29, 2007, people from all over Bohol, from mayors and various officials of the local government units, with representatives from different sectors of society came together to witness a curse-breaking ceremony.

The ceremony called forth the redemptive gifts of the province and a dedication of Bohol as a land for the Almighty God by proclaiming God as the king of the land through then Gov. the late Erico Aumentado.

Several key figures were present during the dedication ceremony which included: lawyer Handel Lagunay, who represented the Governor, then-Mayor Dan Neri Lim, Rev. Apolinario Ramos, Rev. Franco Trigo, Joshua Namoc, Rev. Roberto Isles, Rev. Susie Baseleres and Bishop Armstrong N. Eze.

In a statement, it was mentioned every person installed in authority is ordained by God and has equal spiritual authority over the domain he presides–therefore giving the person rightful authority to hand over the land to the living God.

The ceremony back in 2007, for those behind the occasion, changed the fact of Bohol. They claimed the hand of God had been seen to preserve the people.

As the ones backing the occasion remember Bohol of 2007 and earlier, the dedication of the land to God has transformed the land and can see the results of the efforts.

Following the dedication, in 2008, the organizers said, the province experienced a boom in the economy propelled by the tourism industry.

The social and economic growth of the province increased each year, as claimed by those who were behind the thanksgiving occasion.

The grace of God also preserved the lives of people despite the 7.2 earthquakes of 2013. Back in 2013, a prophetic prayer was declared asking God to spare Bohol from the spread of a chronic disease.

The graces received are confirmation after ten years, Bohol is God’s chosen land.

The occasion marks the awakening within the Church. The Church must rise and take her place. God-believing Boholanos should strive and cultivate their redemptive gifts, and properly align themselves in God’s divine alignment, and take the given place function in the province.

The 10th thanksgiving anniversary, the organizers said, should start by proclaiming 2018 as the season and year of limitless possibilities.



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