Bohol group wants Bong Go to Senate

FROM the monicker he earned as national photobomber and nothing more, Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Bong Go may just have earned a new position some quarters are working now for him: a Senate seat.

A loose organization of Boholanos who may have seen SAP Go on the Senate investigation on the reported frigate deal and his alleged intervention as reported is now crawling for a Bong Go sa Senado Movement (GSM).

While there was a wide perception that Go is only as efficient on one thing: keeping the Duterte schedules, from his being Davao City mayor to the campaign trail, and now keeping the President’s appointment book, SAP Go proves he is, in fact, one who can be the subject and not just any bummer.

Coming out a witty and expert in time management, SAP Go showed he could be at par with the senators grilling him, netizens have noted that Go, who rarely gets to a microphone in public, proved to be a better and well-organized speaker than some in the Senate.

Earlier, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez mentioned during a mass oathtaking of the Partido Demokratikong Pilipino  Lakas ng Bayan in Negros, his plan of asking Bong Go, otherwise known to everybody close to him as Christopher Lawrence Go, to go for a Senate seat.

But that was before people saw the man other than his getting into the pictures of the president.

Last month,however, the Duterte aide appeared before the Senate to disprove the allegations by Rappler and the Inquirer that he allegedly intervened with the government frigate deal.

Go, who proved he has been on top of the Presidential Management Service and is the president’s hands-on guy in his anti-graft and corruption campaign, ably proved both news sources as creating fake news and sowing intrigue.

A local journalist news writer and now publisher who is based in Davao and who knows SAP Go also confirmed the movement to push Go to the Senate.

Chito Fuentes, who used to cover Duterte during his listening tours and campaign sorties, said he also wishes to have Go sitting in the Senate.

While Go has already revealed he has no intention of running for the Senate and would rather be of service to the President, Fuentes said he would be delighted to see Go at the Senate.

Fuentes said God had passed the Duterte loyalty check. Second, Go to the Senate can

complement a President who works against the clock to undo the damage inflicted on the country by his predecessors.

Go is also a known workaholic like his boss, and Go has been with the workaholic President who can be all over the country on a single day and still finds time to get to meet and greet grieving families widowed in a war that should not have gone this far, Fuentes shared.

Go also incidentally knows where the President is coming from and where he wants to go.

If there is anybody outside Pres.  Duterte’s children who know his visions and dreams for the Philippines, it is Go. After being within beck and call of the President during practically all of his waking hours, there is little doubt that he not only understands but share Pres. Duterte’s visions for a more peaceful and prosperous Philippines.

Observers also noted that Go’s modest no to the clamor is nothing new to the party he is now serving.

Then Davao City mayor Duterte has been saying no to the presidency, and even missed the filing of candidacy to keep his line that he is not interested in the seat.

The rest, however, is history. (rahc)




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