Bohol crime rate goes down at 56.3%

From 638 cases in October of last year, crimes in Bohol plunged 56.3% by March this year, recording for the police possibly its biggest sustained victory in crime busting in recent years.

A report at the recent joint meeting of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) and Provincial Anti Drug Abuse Council (PADAC) March 23 Friday, the Philippine National Police (PNP) based in Camp Francisco Dagohoy bared that in October of last year, Bohol total crime volume reached 638.

By March 2018 however, crime statisticians at Camp Dagohoy recorded 358 cases, for a total crime reduction average of 56.26% in the last five months.

Earlier, the public has seen the decrease in crimes as the government pressed on its war against drugs, sensing that majority of crimes are tied up with drugs.

Alarmed by the sudden spike in robberies, theft and physical injuries compounded by traffic related incidents involving drivers under the influence of dangerous substances, police floored on the drive against drugs, while the drug organizations shrunk in size due to the cleansing of the ranks as their men fell one by one to police dragnets.

Every capture unravelled the intricate network of drug distribution and organization that drug groups need to silence their men who have the propensity to rat out their organization or those who decide to enrich themselves from the spoils of a crumbling organization.

Police were also less tolerant when they see their commander in chief serious in backing their fight, which was something new and morale boosting.

Amidst accusations of extra-judicial killings by media and international observers of the drug war, President Rodrigo Duterte pulled the police out from spearheading the drug campaign by October, but the resurgence of drug crimes convinced many that the drug campaign must be relentless.

By December, the PNP were at it again, sniffing out those who surrendered and reverted to the illegal trade, tracking those who decided to set up their drug operation’s new bases somewhere.
Then, non-index crimes, or crimes punishable by special laws and not by the Revised Penal Code reached 461 in October and this eventually dipped to 265 by March 20 this year.

This redounds to a 57.48 % reduction average.
By December of 2017 until this month at least, the PNP shifted its campaigns by fielding most of its men in the streets, eventually increasing police visibility in the streets.

The PNP also put officers accountable for every crime, by assigning them in specific watch zones; any crime in their areas of responsibility would be tagged to them.

Not content with that, with traffic related incidents up in its crime watch alarms, the PNP implemented Oplan Sita which effectively reduced unlicensed drivers and unregistered vehicles off the streets also drastically reduced crime incidence.

Along this, the PNP also pegged a similar victory for its index crime prevention.

The crime busters pinned a 53.1% decrease in index crimes, by nailing a 64.35% crime solution efficiency in March 2018, according to Camp Dagohoy.

It may be recalled that as the PNP posted this victory of high solution efficiency, it also attained the biggest slide down, after it attained its highest CSE in February by chalking a neat 72.61 % for the love month. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)



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