Bohol choirs get better training

The musical talent of the Boholano is world-class. But, without the right capacity building, and the right breaks, it will be difficult to discover the talent.

The provincial government recognizes the need for Boholano choirs to get updated training and capacity building and get their talents recognized and discovered.

This is the reason, last week, the Center for Culture and the Arts (CCAD) spearheaded the 2017 Provincial Choir Festival as a way to empower Boholano choirs through their choir masters.

In a chance interview, CCAD head Romy Tagaan said the latest activity was a way for the provincial government equip the Boholano choirs on how they can improve their craft in the musical arts.

Tagaan said, the festival has been an ongoing activity of the provincial government and took advantage of the linkages in order to upgrade the craft.

No less than the maestro of the University of the Philippines (UP) Singing Ambassadors and the adopted son of Bohol Dr. Eduardo Manguiat.

Manguiat is the current choral clinician, composer and musical director of the UP Singing Ambassadors. Tagaan said Bohol is lucky to have him to give the choir masters in the province the top tips and identify their choirs’ areas of improvements.

Manguiat is one of the highly paid musical directors in the country. His clientele are mostly corporations who seek his expertise in company events and presentations.

Being an adopted son of Bohol, Manguiat shared his talents to Bohol, and enhance the capacity of the choirs based in the towns, said Tagaan.

Tagaan said it is important for the choirs located in far-flung areas to learn new techniques and find out the areas needed to be improved on. This way, they can eventually perform not just in their localities, but also in bigger stages such as in Tagbilaran or in any other big city in the country, if not internationally.

The CCAD head said only the Loboc Children’s Choir remains to be the top internationally-recognized singing group from Bohol.  It is high time to develop other groups to cement the claim of Bohol as one of the most musically-inclined places in the Philippines.


Gov. Edgar Chatto joined on Wednesday the festival with the theme Empowering the Boholano Musicians as Partners in Peace and Development.

The governor encouraged conductors and choir singers as they serve respective churches and communities to continue to let other people experience the beauty of life through music and to use music to create a better world.

He said this love for singing with expertise and skills is a step towards development of Bohol’s own music champions and the development of culture, art, and heritage.


Tagaan said there is not much opportunity for the choirs to showcase their abilities and talents in bigger stages. It is lamentable, but with capacity building and readiness, the choirs can be deployed to perform at a moment’s notice and give a fabulous performance that will be remembered to the ages.

The International Choir Festival held in Bohol had the potential to give better exposure to local talents not just in the province but also outside.

Tagaan said the Korean producers of the show may have diverted their attention to other areas, which could the reason such festival may in limbo.

The province hosted three such festivals backed by Korean producers. The province provided the logistics, but the production was entirely in the hands of the Korean producers.

Tagaan said such endeavor could be used as a springboard for more opportunities for the choir members in different choirs based in the province.


Manguiat has been long engaged with Boholano choirs. The professor is also a consultant to the Loboc Children’s Choir (LCC) as the kids perfect their technique and continue to reap awards for the nation not just the province.

The LCC is not only competing, but also giving the chance to the kids to use their talents to progress further in life.

The LCC has been the trademark of Boholano musicality. The choir has been transformed from one generation to another. The voices of the children are pure and angelic, perfect amid the tranquility and darkness of a Boholano night.

Founded in 1980, the LCC is composed of thirty schoolchildren between nine and thirteen years old, who all attend the Loboc Central Elementary School. However, from an ordinary school choir, established to give color to school and community events, this choir has blossomed into one of the most outstanding choirs in the Philippines today.

The LCC became the National Champion in the category of Children’s Choirs during the National Music Competitions for Young Artists in 2001. These competitions are the most prestigious music competitions in the Philippines. And not for the first time: they garnered the same First Prize in 1993 and 1995.

The winning streak continues with several awards reaped in recent competitions.





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