17% of Bohol households now tagged as drug-free

A month after the launching of the tagging system, authorities comprised of town police officers and men have cleared 17.30 % of the 300, 915 Bohol households.

This is an indication that efforts have slowly cleared communities of the dreaded drug problem.

That simply means 17 of 100 households in Bohol are now sporting a Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH) Drug Abuse Free (DAF) stickers signifying that there is no one in the house who is affected by illegal drugs.

In a report delivered by newly installed Bohol police chief before the members of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) January 29, Sr. Supt Angeles Geñorga, also urged his police officers in the town stations to expedite the ‘stickering,’ so the communities can see the government’s seriousness in implementing the drug clearing.

The report, culled from the monitoring report from Camp Dagohoy from December 30 to January 25 showed that authorities have placed sticker tags to 52,058 households: the head of the family and the chief of police signifying that residents in the household is free from drugs.

Prior to the December 30 launching, Governor Edgar Chatto who sits as the PPOC Chair highlighted that the posting of the house stickers forms as an incentive and recognition for homes that are free from illegal drugs.

The governor also added that the house stickers will serve as framework in enhancing the people’s participation and commitment in the ongoing drug clearing operations in Bohol.

Started at a time when local governments are on to a race as to who can get a drug-cleared status, the “stickering” program, Chatto aspires, would speed up the submission of documents that would be used as basis of the Regional Oversight Committee in finally declaring drug cleared barangays.

In Bohol’s conduct of comprehensive drug-clearing operations, analysis and validation, a family and a household who is found to have satisfactorily passed the drug-clearing operations will be tagged with a DAF home sticker certified by the household head, and the Chief of Police of the City or municipality.

Of the nearly 301 thousand households, over 39,000 Boholanos admit to be drug users in different levels of dependence and surrendered themselves to authorities during the implementation of the Oplan Double Barrel, Oplan Double Barrel Alpha and Oplan Double Barrel Reloaded from 2016-2017.

Those who have surrendered were processed through World Health Organization approved matrix-based intensive out-patient (MIOP) program to determine the severity of drug affectation of the person with substance-use disorder (PSUD).

Those cases with serious affectation are referred to drug rehabilitation centers for medical and psychological intervention while those with less severe drug affectation are enrolled in a Community Based Rehabilitation Program Without Walls (CBRP WOW).

Households with family members identified and enrolled in the CBRP WOW would have to wait until the drug user shall have completed his six months of BCRP WOW before the household can be cleared.

As to barangays, Bohol Provincial Police Office reported  that its stickers have reached 596 barangays of Bohol’s 1,109, although PSSupt Geñorga was also candid enough to admit some stickers in barangays still need to be posted.

Over this, the new police chief who used to head criminal investigation and detection units, directed Bohol police to expedite the clearing operations focusing on the town centers and not on far flung barangays, so the communities would know the government is serious in its campaign. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)






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