Tubigon launches center for animal bite, treatment

The Rural Health Unit launched theAnimal Bite and Treatment Center last  November 29 to address concerns on animal bites among the people of Tubigon.

The launching was held with the presence of the DOH 7, Provincial Health Office, Municipal Health Office personnel, Vice Mayor Virgilio C. Fortich and the members of the Sangguniang Bayan.

The center aimsto answer the needs of our constituents who have bitten by animals.

The animal bite and treatment center had been envisioned by Mayor William R. Jao since he assumed into office last July 1, 2015.

Tubigon folks had to go to Inabanga townto have rabies treatment.

Jao kept on pushing Dr. Bob Bernabe P. Batausa, the Municipal Health Officer to inquire on the procedure of putting up an animal bite and treatment center here.

The RHU staff went to the process capacitating its personnel which is one of the major requirements.

Polizena Rances, the Provincial Rabies Coordinator said the shots are free up to category 2 only.

The fees forother categories will be determined by the Municipal Health Officer.

For category 3 only one shot is free and the rest must be shouldered by the pet owner.

Category 1 is the touching and feeding of animal; licking by animal of intact skin ( with reliable history and thorough physical examination); exposure to patient with signs and symptoms of rabies sharing of eating or drinking utensils, casual contact (talking to, visiting and feeding suspected rabies cases) and routine delivery of health care to patient with signs and symptoms of rabies.

Category II is the nibbling of uncovered skin with or without bruising/hematoma; minor scratches/abrasions without bleeding; minor scratches/abrasions which are induced to bleed; all Category II exposures on the head and neck area are considered Category III and should be managed as such.

Category III is a single or multiple transdermal bites; licking by animal of mucous membranes; head and neck exposures; handiling of infected carcass, ingestion of infected raw meat and licks on broken skin.

If ever you are bit by a dog, it is important to keep them alive and observe their health condition.

Make sure to get medical attention the soonest and go to the nearest  Animal Bite and Treatment Center.

The center is located inside the Rural Health Unit Building at Potohan, Tubigon, Bohol beside the Municipal Circuit Trial Court.

It is important pet owners be responsible over their pets and make sure they don’t roam around.




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