Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

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Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Recent articles doing the rounds in social media were written to expose and unmask the truth behind popular myths. Without necessarily desecrating the memory of a departed soul it attempts to establish that beneath a glossy facade and exterior can lie the frailties of a man waiting to be uncovered.

The stories may seem incredible but facts can always be checked from fiction if one does careful, unbiased sleuthing. For whatever its worth to the reader, it shows and opens up the possibilities that many things can be achieved through a carefully planned public relations buildup.

In politics, image and perception do matter in winning the hearts and minds of people. When the image sticks it then becomes the brand by which a politician can be gauged for his success or failure. Therefore it is important that such a presentable image be preserved for political capital.

That is why PR firms are hired and mass media releases and news carefully crafted. Effective use of the same make for good political propaganda and mileage that come in handy.

So when things appear in social media debunking popularly held beliefs what does it do? Of course we are not expected to take everything that is written, hook, line and sinker but to weigh in on the facts.

Things may be true or not but at the very least it opens up our minds to the many possibilities. Rather than be held captive by our popularly held beliefs it allows us to think outside the box and see the other side of the coin.

The #NagaLeaks may be seen by some as the handiwork of a political demolition job, but before we jump into any conclusion let us first be aware of how dirty our politics is. Opposing factions can equally be guilty of this, when trying to woo public sympathy.

In the case in point much needs to be scrutinized and re-examined. When one plays a dirty game for so long, at some point you can get your hands soiled or stained.

No one is immaculately clean nor perfect. And when one projects himself as a regular human being, not too good to be true, his idiosyncrasies and imperfections do not come as surprising. Herein lies the difference between a grounded king and a fairy tale queen.

Though the days ahead promise to be exciting with who knows what more revelations can come out of the woodworks, let us not be gullible and let us not be taken for a ride.

Many questions now arise wanting for answers and the public is eagerly waiting to know!



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