Tagb invests on studes robotics education

When we think about robots, the first think that enter our minds are those in cartoons.

Robotics enables industries and even the military to achieve better efficiency. Many industries use robots to streamline processes. Robots are known for their precision and accuracy, making them lucrative as tools to produce more goods. Robots are also being used by the military for sorties which may be too dangerous for human soldiers. Robots are used when venturing to a certain area, such as a nuclear meltdown site, which is too dangerous for any human.

The field of robotics is the wave of the future and can help improve the careers of the next generation.

Jeanette Laila Busano of the City Media Bureau said the local school board headed by City Mayor John Geesnell “Baba” Yap allocated funds for robotic sets to several schools in the city to the tune of at least ₱3 million.

Junicel Mancha, project development officer II of the city division of the Department of Education said among the schools that received the robotic sets are Tagbilaran City Science, Dr. CecilioPutong National High School, with Manga National High School, Mansasa National High School, Cogon Night High School, San Isidro High School and the City Central Special Science Class.

The robotics education deals with the design, construction, operation and use of robots.

The instruction also involves computer systems for the control, sensory feedback, and information processing of robots.

Integrating robotics education has been paving the way for students to be ready for science and technology for the 21st century and beyond, said Yap.

Some schools have included robotics in their curriculum, as top students have been competing in robotics contests both here in abroad.

The goal is to equip the students here with the right skills and knowledge in the field of robotics.

The city government has been known to increase the budget allocation to the schools here in support for the education of the local school children.

Aside from providing scholarships, the city has been providing funds for the construction of school buildings.

The robotics education is funded via the Special Education Fund (SEF) said Busano.

The SEF has increased by 22 percent in 2017 from ₱ 55.7 million to ₱ 71.4 million this year, enabling the city government to help improve the education of the students here.

The city was able to improve the collection of taxes and other revenues paving the way for the increase of the SEF and better support to the local school and students.


Yap said he wanted to give the opportunity to school children to learn more about robotics and to encourage their passion to pursue a career in science and technology.

The investment represents the city’s vision to improve the education of the kids.

The mayor saw the need to keep at pace with the improvement of science and technology. He sees robotics education as a way to help the kids to become well versed in this type of technology.


A team composed of kids from different schools in Bohol competed in a robotics regional competition in Cebu.

The Bohol robotics team placed second, third and fifth in the Sumobot 1 kilo category.

The team, being newcomers in robotics, managed to finish decently against veterans in robotics competition.

The team will be competing next in the national competition to be held in Tagaytay on February next year.

The team is composed of Merian Kristel Naiva (Grade 4); James Nico Zabala (Grade 6); Lancelot Bustillo (Grade 6); Elvira Rañoa (Grade 9); Gabriel Luega (Grade 9), and Francis John Baldon (Grade 9).

The team’s head coach is Carmelita Cortivo, who also acts as robotics coordinator, with Luciano Bangaso, Ronald Rey Resabal, Brian Acilo, Odessa Boiser and Paul Logarta.

Cortivo said there is no student from Tagbilaran included in the team. The students are from different schools located in the province.

Hopefully, soon students from Tagbilaran will be able to join the team in future competitions.



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