Tagb Diocese remember quake victims during Diamond Jubilee fete

The Diocese of Tagbilaran is remembering the victims of the huge 2013 earthquake during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Through the office of the Diocesan Chancery has sent circular letters to all the priests of the Diocese regarding the Earthquake Memorial 2016.

Part of the letter says: “As we all know, three years ago our Province of Bohol was heavily devastated by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake which has claimed more than 300 lives and has damaged our homes, churches and infrastructures. The earthquake was one of the strongest in the world according to the reckoning of experts, but our faith is even mightier. No earthquake or any other calamity can diminish the resilience and courage of the Boholano spirit.

“In view of this, our Diocese has come up with activities designed to mark the anniversary of an event of such profound historical, social, spiritual, economic and cultural impact on the Province of Bohol and its people; to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in that cataclysmic event; to give due recognition to all those who in one way or another helped alleviate the sufferings of the people and build back Bohol better; to reflect on the significance, challenges, opportunities the recent catastrophic event has posed for us in terms of our patriotic, spiritual, cultural and artistic life; and to celebrate our having successfully risen from the natural calamity that has recently rocked and devastated Bohol.” The letter farther noted.

Hence, all parish priests and parochial vicars are enjoined to take note and bear in mind the

following reminders for all parishes and chaplaincies in the Dioceses of Tagbilaran are enjoined to conduct Novena/Masses/Dawn Rosaries/ Procession of Saints from 06-14 October 2016 Thursday – Friday with the intention to pray for deliverance from calamities and various disasters.

Next Saturday, at exactly 8:12am, there will be a simultaneous ringing of church bells, blowing of horns, patrol cars, ambulance and sirens for 33 seconds, to be followed by a Eucharistic celebration/holy mass in all parishes and chaplaincies of the diocese. Prayers for the Dead (for the earthquake victims) shall also be incorporated in the liturgy / memorial mass.

Parishioners are also encouraged to put up signage, streamers, posters and banners in their homes and in main thoroughfares of “our towns and barangays bearing messages of gratitude to those who are in one way or another have extended help to the Boholano people during that tumultuous event. (Diocesan Ministry for Social Communications)




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