Rush hours are when most traffic accidents happen

Beware as there is a time when accidents happen a lot.

If you are a professional driver keeping good defensive driving habits, even then, keep off the roads between 7 AM to 8 AM and 5 PM to 7 PM.

This as Bohol crime trackers have noted a spike in traffic related accidents during these hours: notably the peak of traffic times when students and pupils rush to school, and almost every worker is on the road for work or simply homing after a day’s toils.

In a report during the recent meeting of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) last week, Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO) through its deputy Operations Officer Police Senior Inspector Raymond Halasan showed that how risky it is to be in the streets in those mentioned times.

In his Bohol report covering July to August 22, Inspector Halasan said of the 339 cases of traffic related accidents, 38 happened between 7 am to 8 am., and even a statistically-high 112 accidents which happened between 4 pn to 7 pm.

What is even worse is that a good 292 of these cases or some 83.66% are traffic related incidents caused by none else but human error, Inspector Halasan pointed out.

By human error, crime statisticians at Camp Dagohoy mean over-speeding, improper overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol, improper turns, untrained driver, aggressive driving, not yielding to pedestrians, driving in the wrong lane, drowsy driving, entering no entry streets, street racing, not use of seatbelts, sudden stops and loss of control.

Another 43 of these traffic related incidents are categorized by Camp Dagohoy as vehicle condition (21 cases) and road condition (22 cases).

By vehicle condition, police means design defect, brake failure or tire blowouts.

In reality, vehicle condition can still be a form of improper maintenance, which is essentially human error.

On the other hand, accidents caused by road condition mean: road obstruction, slippery roads, night driving and no proper signage.

These too can only happen when one is an improperly trained driver, over-speeding or driving with risky behavior.

A good 10 of these traffic related incidents are also caused by environmental factors: or more accurately, by animals which are allowed to stray into the thoroughfares.

Even then, the month proved fatal to drivers who have the notion that driving without helmets on, is okay.

Those who did died, all 24 of them.

For those who had the sense of wearing protective head gear, 12 figured out in accidents but survived; protected by their helmets.

According to Inspector Halasan, 303 of those who figured in traffic related incidents and went home injured, did not even bother to wear helmets.

While it is worth noting that they had been given a new lease of life, one thing is certain here: no matter how careful you are, there are still too many drivers on the road during these rush hour times, who are, careless, untrained and could hit you, so keeping off the road might help.

Or wearing a helmet might, according to LTO Bohol traffic enforces Florencio Balazuela during the PPOC.  (PIA)






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