Promises, Promises: Should We Be Indebted?

Donald Borja Sevilla Bohol Tribune

The political pot sizzles and midway into the exercises, candidates are in a frenzy, blurting out words more than they can act and do. While we see no shortage of lofty rhetoric and sweet talk, the people want to see beyond mere words. They want to see beyond the scripted messages and hilarious antics for as it looks, the people now mean business.

When the ruling party stalwarts breezed into town they brought news of future projects and detailed a list of past and present accomplishments. We gasp in awe and marvel at the figures but should our people be held hostage to reciprocate for things they ought to do that they have done? We are grateful no doubt but nonetheless not without reservation. When government acts to fulfill its duty two years belatedly after the tragedies that struck what does it speak of?

The mad rush to complete delayed obligations two years late is the epitome of incompetence and ineptitude if it is not. The rehabilitation projects may have been started but many have yet to see completion. These speak volumes of the kind of leadership our government has. From the national down to the local level the mindset that engulfs our leaders is slow, reactive and lacking empathy.

For starters, Yolanda and the daily hell our people have to endure at the MRT show it all .Many more we could cite and many more we are yet to see if we remain subservient to the powers that be. The people’s anger is not personal and not directed at anyone. But we deserve our righteous due. Amid anger and frustration we deserve better.

We should not be bound by promises of benefits to come that are due us. We should not even be held for those already given. Our political leaders owe the people much, being stewards of the people’s trust. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

But the problem is, we are being made to feel indebted for services rendered to us. In exchange for doing their jobs we are expected to be loyal to a fault. And this should never be the case. Good governance and “servant leadership” are without condition. People should be able to choose freely without fear of reprisal and backlash. We should be able to express what we truly feel without consideration.

Though promises do sound good, we have had enough talk for the past six years. The people are weary that perhaps by now we will have our eyes and minds wide open. It seems everyone clamors for change and unless we fail to act on things we will always go back to where we started.



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