Panglao mayor, ex-consultant trade barbs on social media

By Dave S. Albarado

Several days after quitting, the former consultant of the local government unit (LGU) of Panglao, Bohol spilled the beans on social media and launched a virtual verbal firework that caught the attention of thousands of Boholano netizens, particularly those who personally know them so well.

Vera Villocido Gesite is a known associate of Mayor Nila Paredes-Montero. Both have exchanged accusations and counter-accusations with the people online watching in anticipation of the next saga.

The whole story started when Villocido filed her resignation as hired consultant on October 11. She was allegedly working on the town’s presentation for the Galing Pook Awards prior to her resignation.

A day after, a letter presumably from Villocido addressed to the Galing Pook 2017 Awards judges listed the allegations. The letter was circulated on social media. The letter contained serious allegations of attempted identity theft and delayed release of reimbursements.

Villocido said there was an attempt of identity theft when she alleged a certain person wanted to take her place for the presentation of the Galing Pook.

Villocido said she was at the hospital confined for “mild anxiety and hypertension” when a certain person called her up.

A person called her, while in the hospital, allegedly asking to make an ID bearing Villocido’s name but sporting another person’s photograph.

Villocido was told allegedly by the caller should she take the next flight she will be assuming another name with her photo featured on the ID.

The person alleged the one that told her to create the ID was the “LCE”.

Villocido also lamented the delay in the release of reimbursements as she alleged to have used personal funds for a certain project.

People who knew both personalities were shocked to learn about the exchange of accusations over social media since both were known close associates and extended into the personal level.

Villocido alleged that the mayor “destroyed” what she worked on for eight years.

“No way is an LGU getting a Galing Pook 2017 Award… if it is not WELL-EARNED AND WELL-DESERVED!” said Villocido.

Villocido said the mayor allegedly insulted her “to the nth degree” and expected to be a “party to such lies and deception!!!”

Panglao Mayor Nila Montero retaliated and said Villocido has abused a lot of people on social media.

“How dare you claim your name Vera to be the truth where none of the above is TRUE,” said Montero.

Montero said it was the LGU Panglao that booked for Villocido’s travel to Galing Pook, and the call made for confirmation was done in good intention, at the same time, lambasted Villocido’s alleged  claim “Galing Pook to be yours.”

The Panglao mayor lamented the moves of Villocido influencing the panel in Galing Pook and allegedly make it appear there is corruption in the reimbursements and receipts needed by the Commission on Audit (COA).

The mayor showed pity to Villocido for having a “psychological problem.”

She added the “psychological incapacity is not an excuse and does not give you the right to demoralize people around you in social media and destroy our municipal program. See you in court.”

A calmer mayor addressed Villocido in another instance saying the GP presentation went well with “confidence” on the sincere advocacy “in our education programs.”

The mayor said there are “no lies” because the effort comes from the heart and “to share with the community of how important education is in this present competent world.”

Being a mother, the mayor said, she struggled to give quality education for the children. She knows how important education for the children as “our legacy for them to have their own survival for the future.”

The mayor said: “May God bless all our effort with reward or without but to celebrate this opportunity because it is a privilege.”




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