Opinion: The Reckoning Begins

Donald Borja Sevilla Bohol Tribune
The extent of the drug problem in our country is mirrored by the sheer number of surrenderees all over. Shocking as it is even in our home province. What does it imply?

If DU30 wasn’t elected President we would have been overrun by drugs by now. Quite clearly all our public officials are guilty of the sin of omission for not doing anything satisfactory to deter the problem.

This is a reflection of the kind of governance we had that set the wrong priorities, leaving out some basic stuff to ease the people’s plight. Our leaders were more concerned at earning “pogi points,” achievements and awards on paper that don’t really address the grassroots.

To a politician, image building and perception matter but the gravity of the situation as we now see shatters it all. There is no better judge than the reality that confronts us .

Things shouldn’t have gone this far nor been allowed to. Daily the figures rise and continue to shock us. And yet before all this was brought to fore the public knew. But where was government?

Enough said we expect more action from our leaders to clean up their act. Their silence is condescending, a testament to consent of the things that transpired which eventually led to the predicament we are in.

Bohol’s share of surrenderees is a huge embarrassment to a people known for their religious devotion and conservative values. What happened, CAESAR?

* * *

When then Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, in his campaign speeches, vowed to eradicate the problem of illegal drugs in 3 to 6 months, nobody seemed to believe him.

Critics were quick to dismiss his words as mere fantasy and an elusive dream. Now that it appears things are on track many are singing a different tune and heaping praises on the guy. It’s really amazing how politics play out and an iron will for change can do wonders!



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