Nearly P19 billion Bohol investment plan okayed

Bohol is on a more aggressive track to development with the approval of the province’s Annual Investment Plan (AIP) for 2018 amounting to almost P19 billion, capitol’s biggest ever.

Gov. Edgar Chatto on Thursday led the Provincial Development Council (PDC) Executive Committee (Execom) in approving the updated yearly plan topped by major road upgrading and other vital infrastructure works.

The AIP indicates Chatto administration’s “resource management capabilities that exceed far beyond the provincial government’s internal resources,” said Provincial Planning and Development Officer John Titus Vistal.

Also a lawyer and an environmental planner, Vistal is probably the country’s only provincial department head “borrowed” for his competence by an office under the Philippine president in an agreement with the province allowed by the civil service rules.

The PDC-Execom also discussed the offshore bridge connector or third Tagbilaran City-Panglao Island bridge which implementation is hoped by Chatto to begin in the second half of 2018.

On-leave Provincial Administrator Alfonso Damalerio II updated the PDC Execom on the project, which is in anticipation of the development upsurge owing to the commercial operation of the Bohol Panglao Airport starting in August, 2018.

He attended the meeting in his capacity as a pro-bono, volunteer private consultant to the governor considering that he has been privy to and conversant of the project since its conceptualization.

Next year’s AIP totals P18.929 billion divided into items under economic services, social services, and general public services.

The investment program includes the proposed projects for funding under the 20% Development Fund of the province at PP367.608 million.

The rest of the proposed projects are for funding from other/external funds or sources amounting to P16.439 billion.

The AIP is separate from the proposed P2.9 billion annual budget or annual general appropriations of the provincial government also for 2018.

Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Engr. Albert Uy, one of the private sector members of the PDC, moved to approve the AIP.


Presenting the AIP to the PDC Execom, Vistal cited that, alone, the proposed concreting of the San Miguel-Tomoc-Getafe road and San Miguel-Bayongan-Bulilis-Mabuhay (Ubay) road already costs P1.054 billion.

Also hugely funded concreting projects involve the junction (jct) Poblacion (Valencia)-Anoyon-Omjon-Quezon (Batuan) road at P900 million; Antequera-Balilihan via Dorol road, P630 million; Mabuhay (Ubay)-Bulilis-Bayongan (San Miguel) road, P630 million; jct Quinoguitan-Sevilla-Hanopol-Tagustusan (Balilihan) road, P510 million; and jct Mahayag (San Miguel)-Danao road (access to Danao Adventure Park), P510 million.

Other big-costing works are the concreting of the access roads fronting the Bohol Panglao Airport, P102 million; Baucan (Balilihan)-Cambague (Sevilla) road, P240 million; Maribojoc-Pagnitoan-Candavid-Basak (Loon) road, P416 million; Bagumbayan-Estaca (Pilar)-Caluasan-Dagohoy road, P360 million; jct Poblacion Cortes-jct Corella-Balilihan road, P240 million; jct Pondol-Panangquilon jct (Antequera-Catagbaccan) road, P240 million;

La Paz (Cortes)-Cabaguan-Lourdes-Corella road, P168 million; Maribojoc-Antequera via Tinibgan road, P148 million; jct Mahayag (San Miguel)-Danao road, P426 million; Lapacan Sur (Bugtong Lubi) Inabanga-Magtangtang (Danao) road, P300 million; Katipunan (Alicia)-jct Mahayag (San Migyuel) road, P270 million; jct Ubay-Tapal wharf road, P190 million;

Junction (jct) Candijay-Cogtong-Panas-Badiang (Anda) road, P250 million; jct Guioang-Cogtong road, P270 million; jct Buenos Aires-Nueva Vida (Carmen)-Omjon (Valencia) road, P480 million; jct Itum-Duay-Payao (Duero) road, P300 million; jct Dimiao-Oac-Bilar jct road, P270 million; jct (Dimiao-Bilar) Oac-Omjon road, P270 million; jct Gabayan-Anoling (Candijay)-Inaghuban-Pilar road, P450 million; jct Lungsodaan-Tambongan road, candijay, P270 million;

Junction (jct) Bunga Mar-Kinagbaan-Balili road, Jagna, P327 million; jct (Jagna-Sierra Bullones) Malbog-Calabacita road, P267 million; Baucan (Balilihan)-Cambague (Sevilla) road, P174 million; Alburquerque-Sikatuna road, P193 million; Catigbian-Clarin via Bogtongbod road, P168 million; Poblacion Cortes-jct (Corella-Balilihan) road, P127 million; and

San Miguel-Bayongan-Bulilis-Mabuhay (Ubay) road, P334 million; Dimiao-Oac-Bilar road, P180 million; jct Candijay-Cogtong road, P162 million; jct Poblacion Valencia-Anoyon-Omjon road, P120 million; (Maribojoc) Aliguay-Anislag road, P150 million; San Isidro-Catigbian via Caimbang road, P147 million; and Poblacion Valencia-Anoyon-Omjon road, P250 million.

Some road projects have not just one fund source since they are also proposed under two of the following programs: The ROLL-IT Program of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Conditional Matching Grant (CMG) or the former KALSADA Program, Department of Tourism and Department of Public Works and Highways (DOT-DPWH) Road Convergence Program, and Philippine Rural Development Program (PRDP).

More projects costing over P100 million include the concreting/improvement/widening of Maribojoc Pagnitoan-Candavid, Tabuan-Basak (Loon) road, P416 million; Cahayag (Tubigon)-Causwagan Sur (San Isidro)-Catigbian road, P157 million; Antequera-Balilihan via Dorol road, P303 million; and Alburquerque-Sikatuna road, P249 million.

Under the PRDP, these are worth over a hundred million pesos each: Campagao-Cabacnitan farm-to-market road (FMR), Bilar, P179 million; Desamparados (Calape)-Tabuan (Antequera) FMR, P365 million; and Dagnawan-Dagohoy FMR, Inabanga, P117 million.

Another P100 million will go to the widening and upgrading into four lanes of the Hangos St. in the city leading to the new provincial capitol while the Biking-Tinago-Bingag road in Dauis has to be upgraded at P112 million.

Roads and many other essential infrastructure projects are itemized under the AIP program for economic services.

There are big projects in the AIP itemized under social services like the continuing comprehensive rehabilitation/modernization for the devolved hospitals at P440 million and construction of the Bohol Youth Home for children in conflict with the law at P80 million.


Vistal said while “we source out more than how much we have in our internal resources,” there is at the tip of the Bohol governor’s finger that has been proven to be a tireless, irresistible development support lobbyist.

The PPDO chief called it “Gov. Chatto’s texting superpower” which has influenced funds and other supports from the different national agencies and other external sources.

Vistal also cited the parallel effort of other leading Bohol officials like the three congressmen, for whose development support Chatto would always thank.


The credibility of Chatto’s leadership in securing outside supports to his programs and projects has been deemed further magnified by the recent and latest Bohol governance achievements.

Chatto will receive in Manila tomorrow the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Award for the province from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

The Bohol government is now considered a “hall of famer” in good local governance in the country because this is its third SGLG in a row or in three consecutive years.

Last month, Chatto received the “Most Business-Friendly Province” Award from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the country’s biggest business organization.

No less than Pres. Rodrigo Duterte presented to Chatto, along with Acting Vice Gov. Venzencio Arcamo, the PCCI award during the 43rd Philippine Business Conference in Manila.

In hosting the Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) meetings this year, Bohol has polished its image as an international convention destination which augurs well for its investment promotion.

The last that it is hosting is, in fact, the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights Meeting which opens today—and then capped by a policy dialogue with the European Union—in Panglao until November 30.

This is the ASEAN 2017 “graduation,” Chatto said.

The host agency of the last Bohol-hosted meeting is the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) since the Philippines is this year’s chair of the ASEAN.

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte did a ceremonial turnover to Singapore of the chairmanship of the ASEAN in 2018 during the ASEAN Leaders Summit in Manila the other week.

Chatto was one of only five Philippine governors formally invited to the summit’s special gala dinner celebration for the presidents and other state leaders, who included Pres. Donald Trump of the United States. (Ven rebo Arigo)














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