Is Magnifico losing luster?

Many sports fans are asking whether Mark “Magnifico” Magsayo is losing his luster this early in his career, following a less-than-stellar win over Syota Hayashi last weekend.

No doubt, Magsayo fought a well-planned fight.

During the press conference, it was clear Magsayo’s camp made a good work on his mental conditioning making it appear the 22-year-old pugilist will not be going for a knockout until the opportunity appears.

And there was no opportunity, as the seasoned Japanese boxer made sure Magsayo doesn’t get a golden chance to sneak a knockout punch.

It was not a great fight, but a nice fight nonetheless.

The crowd at the Bohol Wisdom Gym was treated to a world-class fight with two great ring gladiators going at each other and going the distance.

Hayashi was brought in to find out whether Magsayo was ripe to get a shot at Oscar Valdez’s featherweight crown.

The trial horse Hayashi proved to be a tough cookie and in turn helped exposed weaknesses in Magsayo’s armor.

Most of Magsayo’s defects lie on defense and he needs to work on his weaknesses as soon as possible to avert a gory fight against a superior opponent like Valdez.

Magsayo never promised a knockout win, in fairness, but still the crowd expected him to win in a blaze of glory.

The 22-year-old native of Booy stands with 18-0 with 13 KOs and has been known peddled as knockout sensation.

Some spectators left the building not contented with the result. Fight fans started wondering wherehis vaunted power punches are.

There is no denying Magsayo has been reckless but he has shown some measure of control and tremendously improved on that aspect.

Some moments where he was an open target where he wants to score a blazing knockout.

Inquirer columnist Recah Trinidad puts it correctly “Magsayo might need a few more big fights in order to mature.”

“We won’t know until he fights one of the world champions,” said Dong Secuya, founder and chief editor of

“We know he has the potential,” he added. “Hopefully he will not end up like Jason Pagara who has more than 40 wins but has yet to fight a top-caliber fighter.”


Magsayo tried his best to knock down the Japanese and put up a good show for the Boholanos.

But the sturdier Japanese, proved to be a tough customer as he gamely boxed with Magsayo trying not to get hit by a lucky punch and hang on.

It was observed, Magsayo was tucked out in the later stages of the fight, with the Japanese pressing on with plenty of gas left in the tank.

Luckily, Magsayo was able to pile up the points in the middle round to ensure his victory—which result less than expected.

Magsayo had a somber tone in his voice when he addressed the crowd assembled at the Bohol Wisdom Gym. He knew the fight fans who turned out to see him fight expected him to knock Hayashi out.

But it never materialized.

He had to grind it out. In the later rounds, when Magsayo was visibly tired, the hunter became the hunted, with Hayashi trying to tag the Boholano with a lucky punch.

Hayashi knew the only way he can win the fight is to knock the tired Magsayo out.



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