Do Monsters Have Rights?

Do Monsters Have Rights?


Much fuss is stirred when people’s rights are violated. While we are all created in God’s image and likeness, we are also given the free will to choose how we go about living our lives. In each of us we have that inert goodness we call conscience. But when we go on living the way we are not supposed to be, the bad takes over and our conscience is deadened.

Left unheeded, we become habitual offenders of our sins such that we take it to be our way of life. We become the person or “monster” we choose to be by the way we live.

Drugs and other crazy things ruin our lives. Constant usage of drugs evolves into addiction that transforms us into a different being. We gradually lose the person in us and subsequently our “humanity.” There are no telling of the things one can do in a drug-induced state. Yet when people run afoul of the law in their heightened state of craziness or paranoia after-effects of drugs, some cry out to respect their “human rights.”

On the contrary these individuals have ceased to be persons or human in the “context of our creation” and lose the rights and privileges accorded a human being. Their poor and hapless victims have all the rights in the world violated, yet we seem more concerned for the rights of these offenders. But do they?

This is the quandary of our institutions and our schools of thought when we live in a world of hypocrisy of our own making. While we have long departed from the time of Moses and the Old Testament that spoke of vengeance and retribution, an eye for an eye and have graciously embraced the teachings of Christ, we are constantly confronted by situations and events that put us to the task.

Nobody loves the death penalty and desires it for anyone. We should be compassionate and forgiving to our fellow human beings having been forgiven ourselves of our transgressions in our Christian ideology. As we all look forward to redemption and transformation the present times seem different and desperate.

Desperate times call for desperate measures as we have abused our freedoms and went beyond ourselves. Many acts which are of our own making, drugs, criminality borne out of greed, lust and hunger for power, corruption and much more have become repetitive and a cancer to society. Some are beyond rehabilitation and if left alone endanger our way of life and the future of our children that could turn this country into a narco-state.

But just like the time of Moses who went up to the mountain to pray whose people forgot and went wayward, we are wayward too and need more than a knock on our heads. When Moses returned he flew into a rage and threw the stone tablets of the commandments at his people.

While we no longer have the stone tablets to throw at us and do damage, we have the commandments etched in our consciousness to guide us. It should not take a DUTERTE to do the same but we have elected the guy into office knowing what could happen if we did otherwise.

Yet what have we done and become? We must remember to “do unto others as we want others to do unto us.” We must do good as we desire good done to us just the same. But some have raped, killed and done others harm in utter disregard of humanity. Don’t you think they don’t deserve the consequences of their heinous acts?



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