Boholanos living in Florida ask for prayers over ‘Irma’

Boholanos living in Florida, USA are among those who are bracing for the landfall of Hurricane Irma, which is expected to hit mainland US by Sunday morning.

A Reuters report said: “Irma, one of the fiercest Atlantic storms in a century, was expected to rip through the Florida Keys archipelago on Sunday morning. It will make landfall on the Florida peninsula somewhere west of Miami on a track that would take it up the state’s west coast, including Tampa, forecasters said.”

Irma, which has killed at least 22 people in the Caribbean, was likely to inflict billions of dollars in damage in one of the most populous and fastest-growing states, the report said.

Storms originating from the Northeast Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are called hurricanes, those from the South Pacific and Indian Oceans are called cyclones, while those from the Northwest Pacific Ocean are called typhoons, just like in the Philippines.

Some Boholanos trooped to Facebook to tell about their experience and expectations about the hurricane. Most of the people are asking for prayers and their support as folks in the east coast are bracing against the arrival of one of the strongest storms to emerge from the Atlantic in recent memory.

Leigh Gail DeIanni said:  “Silence is deafening outside, not a single branch is moving from trees. I feel so anxious because this is what I felt exactly when we had the earthquake in Bohol! I thought earthquake was bad enough for we won’t get warnings unlike hurricane. But it’s all the same, anticipating to what’s going to happen is the worst feeling! IRMA take it easy on us! Lord be with all of us Floridians!”

In another post, a native of Tagbilaran, Bong Malmis from Fort Lauderdale, Florida made a Facebook post on Friday, challenging the hurricane to get things done and over with.

“Hey Irma! Come here now baby, and let’s get over with this NOW,” said Malmis.

Malmis’ wife Abby asked the people on Facebook to “please continue to include us in your prayers.”

Former dean of the School of Communication at Silliman University and a Tagbilaranresident, Dr. Rose Maxino-Baseleres, asked people for prayers, especially for her loved ones in Florida.

“I ask my FB friends to help me pray for the safety of our loved ones and friends in Florida as they brace for Hurricane Irma!” Baseleres said in her FB post.

The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NFFAA) on its Facebook page released a statement in relation to the approach of Hurricane Irma.

NFFAA asked Filipino-Americans in the state of Florida to prepare for Hurricane Irma. It is estimated 153,000 Filipinos are residing in the state.

The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs encouraged “citizens to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary travel until the storm has passed.

About 50,000 Florida residents are told to take shelter as Hurricane Irma barrels through the US mainland today.

On Saturday, the hurricane slammed on Cuba, continuing its destructive path from the Caribbean.

A string of small islands in the Caribbean have been left reeling in the aftermath of one of the rare Category 5 storm to hit the Atlantic.

The storm has been slightly downgraded to Category 4 early Saturday.

There are 24 people who are known to have died as a result of the devastation caused by the arrival of Irma.

Some places are still assessing the damage as they are bracing for another major hurricane this time named “Jose”. (DSA)



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