A Boholano wastes P1,200 worth of rice every year

At the current price, an average Boholano wastes P1,200 every year, all for over-cooking, over-serving and the culture of leaving something for etiquette.

Most Boholanos would shy from picking up the last share of rice on the platter for the wrong reason: leaving something for “good manners” or etiquette.

The good manners however turn out to be a bane, as among other faulty practices of overcooking and over-serving rice, about every Boholano “wastes” 9 grams of food every day.

According to Bohol Seed Coordinator at the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist Lorebien Lagapa, at the current rate that we are wasting rice, we could have fed more people.

The data Lagapa shared comes from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Based on the same data, the PSA which conducts regular consumption surveys, an average Boholano consumes about 109 kilos of rice every year, eating square meals plus an occasional serving of late lunch-early dinner which they call as “pamahaw-bahaw”.

Within that, around 9 grams of rice cooked for every Boholano goes to waste every day, or around 3 grams per meal for the reasons stated above.

This waste amounts to two to three spoonfuls of boiled rice a meal, Lagapa added.

Over-all, the 9 grams of wastage bloats to 2.7 kilos and month and 32.4 kilos a year, which comes out over a thousand pesos lost for one person alone, explains Lagapa, who came to the radio forum in time for the Rice Awareness month.

Former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declared November as the Rice Awareness Month.

As this went on, Bohol, in its own localized campaign adopts the theme “Sa kada madaginot nga lugas bugas, adunay kinabuhing maluwas.”

Governor Edgar Chatto in fact, lends the sound byte to the localized campaign which appealed to Boholanos to be circumspect enough in the rice consumption amidst production issues in the country.

The governor, in Bohol’s Be Riceponsible campaign, also calls for Boholanos to take a second hard look at “sinaksakan,” a rice cooking method that puts in carbohydrate extenders especially rootcrops.

Boholanos who have issues of insufficient rice to cook prudently adds cassava, sweet yam, ube, bananas, or breadfruit to the boiled rice.

Beyond that, the savings can fill in the food security requirement, which the country direly needs. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)



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