Average crime rates decreasing in Bohol

Bohol police posts an encouraging victory with an average downtrend in monthly crime rate as well as monthly index crime rates for the last three months or until September 26.

In a report to the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC), Camp Dagohoy showed the downtrend when police officials presented a computed average of 46.00 index crimes in a month and 14.17 average monthly index crime rate.

Police showed that September recorded a 34.95 average monthly crime rate (AMCR) compared to August’s 50.04 and July’s 46.81.

For the average monthly index crime rate (AMICR), Camp Dagohoy showed that downtrend again when it posted 14.89 AMICR in July, 16.24 in August and 11.39 in the first 26 days of September.

And while the decrease in crimes showed, still a high crime incidence worries PPOC members.

Over this, Camp Dagohoy said the rise in the overall crime volume, is a result of the increase in the number of non-index crimes which is greatly attributable to the increase of police operations.

Despite limited funds, crime fighters continuously and unceasingly do their jobs even with apparent shortage of manpower, the police force only drawing from their boldness and determination to fight illegal drugs in the support to the marching order of the President and Chief PNP.

It is crime fighting especially with anti-drugs operations without let-up.

As this went on, police note a 30.87 percent dip in total crime volume for the September 1-26, a month that would show some 206 crime cases lesser than the previous month.

According to a report furnished by the Provincial Intelligence Detection and Management Bureau (PIDMB) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Camp Dagohoy, Bohol law enforcers note a 29.61 percent decrease in crimes against the Revised Penal Code (RPC) and an even bigger 30.26 percent in crimes prosecuted by special laws.

This translates to 67 less crime cases against the RPC in September, compared to the total in August which capped at 224.

From September 1-26, crime statisticians at the Bohol Police Headquarters in Camp Dagohoy logged 157 index crimes, or those against the RPC, a figure which is 67 less compared to the total index crime volume in August which reached 224.

As to crimes against special laws, Bohol police accomplished 141 crimes lesser than the previous month, posting the 30.26 percent decrease in non-index crimes.

Observers assumed that the decrease in crime volume may have something to do with the international conference of the Association of South East Asian nations Maritime Security Technical Working Group Dialogues September 19-21, 2017 at the Hennan Resort in Panglao.

That time, police visibility in the streets spiked as an addition 3,600 police and intelligence officers and flooded the streets from Tagbilaran City to Panglao where most of the traffic related incidents and petty crimes are recorded.

As to index crimes against persons, although now posting a down trend, physical injuries still continue to dominate, at 46 cases within the first 26 days of the month, according to the report.

Police crime statisticians have showed that physical injuries went down a few cases in the past months: For July (56), August (52) and September (46).

Except for murder which posted 2 more cases at 6 compared to August, homicide and rape for the month of September maintained at one and 10 each.

But police showed that the solution efficiency for rape in September dramatically rose to 60% as against the 33% pegged last month.

On index crimes against property, robbery, theft, car-napping all posted decreases at 27, 33 and 4 respectively.

For the non-index crimes, police noted 52 cases dip for special laws, 114 cases decrease for traffic related incidents but records 29 cases more on other non index crimes. (PIA)




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