A Funny Valentine

Donald Borja Sevilla Bohol Tribune

Some men are born hopeless romantics but apparently a majority are not. While women are perceived as delicate, fragile and weak men often are seen the opposite. Yet in real life things may be far from labeled. Because of our human nature we are prone to attach labels to things, places and situations. We put labels to identify things and make stereotypes of people, making it easier for us to react accordingly. But for whatever its purpose, these form part of our biases.

When we speak of valentine, we most likely refer to a lover of sorts, a partner in some romantic but lasting relationship. When we celebrate a day of love we make reference to a “valentine” in joyful commemoration of the feast of St. Valentine, the Patron Saint of lovers. His feast is celebrated on the 14th of February and has come to be celebrated the world over, romanticized and immortalized in song and poetry.

Looking back to a little history, St. Valentine was a little known Saint, often attributed as a Bishop in the Church of Rome who stood strong to his faith and was martyred. Yet not much is known of him except for the fact that his name became synonymous to romance and devotion. The feast of St. Valentine was widely believed to be celebrated in an attempt to Christianize a Roman pagan celebration, the feast of Lupercalia, an ancient fertility festival. And like others similarly situated, the practice gained popular acceptance and commercialized to its present day form of giving flowers and other memorable presents and exchanges of sweet pleasantries among lovers.

While love is seldom seen as funny, it being treated as a serious business, a little humor in any relationship does not hurt. The romance may fade away over time amid the physical strains of age, thus it is important to inject humor to liven things up. When couples start out, sparks fly – and romance and euphoria are in the air. But age quickly catches up and the travails of a hard life take its toll. Rearing a family is no joke in hard economic times that terms of endearment could turn sour.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day regularly could bring a much needed boost to regain the romance and strengthen any relationship. It becomes a poignant reminder of our constant struggle against ourselves and our weaknesses making us value our partners’ worth. When we remember St. Valentine on his feast, we should remember his love for Christ and strength of devotion that led to his martyrdom.

Our relationships with our “valentines” should always be guided by this love, made deeper by meaning and purpose. It should be beyond romance and passion. While serious it should also be funny, laden with humor to drive the blues away.

Let us make each day a Funny Valentine’s Day!



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