4-month Bohol drug war nets P10-M shabu worth

In nearly 4 months, Bohol police recovered some P10 million worth of drugs, nabbed 483 persons and filed 751 cases as the government anti-drugs drive: Oplan Double Barrel continues.

And in that same span of time, police officers accompanied by barangay officials knocked on 27,451 houses and talked to suspected drug users or pushers about stopping their illegal activities and visiting the stations.

Also at that same time, 20 pushers and two users have been killed for fighting it out with the authorities.

Police authorities have accounted another 146 drug users and 337 drug pushers who were either caught in flagrante delicto, served arrest warrants or apprehended in buy-busts or raids, according to Senior Supt. Felipe Natividad, Bohol police director.

For those who responded to the police by surrendering and personally appearing to pledge to straighten their lives and make a way away from drugs, Camp Dagohoy counts 32,319 Boholanos.

Of that number, several have been put under rehabilitation and detoxification activities as about 30,779 of them are just plain users, according to Camp Dagohoy operations chief PSupt Lorenzo Batuan.

Meanwhile, around 1,540 drug pushers personally surrendered to police authorities in their respective towns and have either been placed under custody if they have standing warrants, or are let out to their homes and be on call for monitoring, and rehabilitation.

Earlier this month, Bohol opened its community-based Center for Drug Education and Counseling (CDEC) at the Oakbrook building near Plaza Rizal in Tagbilaran City.

The center is especially staffed to render education and counseling for drug dependents and is also set to render psychoanalysis, psycho-spiritual activities and other programs to facilitate the rehabilitation of drug personalities.

This week too, Capitol executive assistant for health services Dr. Cesar Tomas Lopez reported to the Provincial Anti Drug Abuse Council (PADAC) that they have completed the training of 7-man team from each town in Bohol to man their own drug rehabilitation and counseling centers.

For “surrenderers” who need to be recalled for reengagement programs every week, Camp Dagohoy reports an average of 26.37% getting themselves accounted by joining organized activities.

In a report presented to the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) out-of-town meeting October 25 in Maribojoc, Supt. Batuan also said they have recovered 854.45 grams of suspected shabu.

Narcotics authorities place the value of confiscated illegal substances at 10,082,522.65.

As to those killed, Bohol Provincial Police Office have been investigating 23 drug related cases, while two more have been declared less likely caused by drugs.

This to as police authorities vehemently denied that there is extra-judicial killings in Bohol.

City Police Chief and former SWAT Commander, Supt. Nicomedes Olaivar, pointed out that there is in fact a big number of drug personalities accosted for continued drug use and only 23 of the 483 cases they tagged for drug use.


In Manila, Jesus Is Lord (JIL) founder Bro. Eddie Villanueva said they are one with President Rodrigo R. Duterte in fighting illegal drugs in the country, saying that they are willing to assist and reform those drug users who already surrendered.

In a press conference, the head of the Christian movement in the country said they are willing to help the government in its effort to stop the menace in the society.

He revealed that he once met with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) officials and discussed their program of conducting moral and spiritual seminars to all surrenderers.

“I proposed that all surrenderers in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao will be approached by our churches…and have them attend the so-call moral and spiritual seminars so that we could uproot the spirit of drug addiction and replace them with the so-called fear of God and Spiritual regeneration. That is the real solution to fight drug addiction,” the JIL leader said.

“Less the one million all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. And this is absolutely free. Because we have a burden because these Filipinos who are victims of illegal drugs…they need healings, deliverance, and the support of the government,” Villanueva explained.

Asked if he is willing to reiterate the proposal which did not push through, he said:

“Of course once the President would remember Bro. Eddie. I am more than willing to tell him our seriousness in helping his war against illegal drugs. Because he cannot succeed, and no President could succeed in any good intention to fight illegal drugs without the corresponding moral and spiritual revolution that can change the values of the people,” Villanueva said.

With this, he urged the people to pray for the leaders of the country, which is part of three messages to all his members during their 38th anniversary celebration at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Friday.

“The first message is for the Filipino people to obey God’s command…The main message that the Lord has put in my heart for the Filipino people in this 38th anniversary of JIL worldwide movement is to encourage and admonish the Filipino people to pray for all those who are in authority for kings and presidents, especially for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and all the members of his government,” the JIL leader said.

“The second message is for the king, the President himself and all the people around him managing the government of the country. I would just like to remind our beloved President, that his position is borrowed position from God himself…our leadership headed by our beloved President should realize that the position of authority comes from God alone and therefore it should be properly managed according to the biblical principles of leadership,” he said.

Likewise, Villanueva noted that the people around the President “must be screened and must be properly evaluated so that they could be of help to the President in charting the glorious destiny of our beloved country. If there are some wicked around the President, the President may not succeed in fulfilling his glorious exalted position.”

“This is a very powerful admonition to the President, to the Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House, and even to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, to all leaders in authority in the government. Do not let in their presence wicked people,” he said.

At the same time, Villanueva added that leaders of the country should accept criticisms.

“We love our country, we love the leadership, but it is our duty of course to remind our leaders. Moreover, leaders should accept unsolicited advice. Because the Bible says open rebuke is better than secret love. If the leaders do not welcome the suggestions of the people, they are violating the biblical principle as well as the constitution of the country that all authority emanates from the people. That any public office is a public trust,” he said.

Villanueva added, “In other words, no leader should think that he is faultless. He needs the advice of the people themselves, who are the real bosses of the government in authority or else abuses, arrogance and pride may succeed to enter any position of authority and that may lead to the destruction of the nation.”

The third message is for the JIL community. “The third message is for JIL people for the last 38 years, the Jesus Lord worldwide ministry has reached not only all cities, towns, and provinces and regions of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for the last 38 years. But by the grace of God, this movement has reached 55 countries in the world. Therefore to whom much is given, much is required. That is why we are also active in I Care Compassion ministry. We are also active in our social responsibility,” he said.

Meanwhile, the JIL founder believed that President Duterte is against extrajudicial killings of those people who are allegedly connected with illegal drugs, based on the former’s inaugural speech last July.

“…And one of the highlights of his inaugural address is very clear. And I quote him: My adherence to due process and to the rule of law is non-compromising. So to me, this is a good news to the skeptics. No less than the President of the country spoke of his national policy that he is against, I would say, extrajudicial killings because of his statement to his adherence to due process and to the rule of law is non-compromising,” explained Villanueva, who admitted that he supported Duterte’s presidential bid in the May 2016 polls. ((Rey Anthony Chiu/PIA/PNA)



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